Known Memberships

Our Known memberships help you to stretch your aesthetic budget to its fullest potential while keeping you on an effective skin and injectable plan. All money deposited in your Known Bank goes towards your aesthetic experience and allows you exclusive promotions and booking opportunities. With Known Memberships you can easily plan for aesthetic treatments that make you look and feel your best.

The Known Membership
$175 Monthly

Every month $175.00 will be credited to your Known Bank.
You can use your money for any skincare, skin treatment, injectable, ANYTHING.

The Known Membership includes;
10% discount on all skincare
$13 per unit Botox

The Well Known Membership
$350 Monthly

The Well Known Membership is the perfect option for all things skin and injectables.
Like all of our memberships, your money is saved for you to apply towards your
skincare, skin treatments, and injectable services.

The Well Known Membership includes;
10% discount on all skincare
10% off skin treatments
$12.75 per unit Botox
10% off all injectables
10% off all lasers
One complimentary light peel per year

Known for a GLOW Membership$199 Monthly

We can’t express how important skin treatments and high quality skincare are to looking and feeling your best, so we decided to make it a bit easier. Choose one of four treatments every four weeks to keep your skin on point and radiant. Monthly Treatment Options: - DMK Treatment - Light Chemical Peel - Known Gua Sha + Glow - Known Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Trio You may upgrade your treatment to microneedling, Known Glass, a medium depth peel, or microneedling with radiofrequency at a 15% discount. Don't forget home care and receive 10% off retail for the duration of your membership.